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If we don’t have sex, is underage dating OK?

Miss Kitty said:

... when you are 25, it will not seem as significant to date someone four years older that yourself. But in the teen years, each year is like a decade, or so it seems.

Reader Tigger Responds:

I disagree to some of it because I am 24 years old and dating a 16 year old.

We Don't Do Anything Sexual

We have been together going on 6 months. We are very happy and care about each other. We don't even talk about sex and we don't do anything sexual.

Not Everyone Can Tell Their Parents

We are happy together, but her parents are very mean to her on a normal basis. Basically, what I am saying is not all underage people can tell their parents so you have to sneak around. I wish we didn't because I'd love to be a part of her family but we can't tell them.

I Take Care of Her

And I take care of her, whereas they don't – I buy her things she needs for school and clothes she needs and I am there to listen to her when no one else does .





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