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Is 17 and 27 too great an age gap for dating?


Dear Young and Confused,

I think that besides the age gap between you and your boss, there are other things that you might want to consider.

Unprofessional Behavior

Lefty I agree -- As I have said before, you shouldn't get involved with your boss.

For instance, should you really be involved with someone you work with, especially your boss? Most people would consider this rather unprofessional on his part and yours.

Charlie I agree -- she should quit NOW!

Being in a position of authority I would argue that it is his responsibility to maintain a degree of distance and professionality and by fraternizing with an employee he is crossing a line which may put both your job and his on the line.

The Law Could Become an Issue

You may also want to consider the age gap between you two AND the fact that you are only 17. You are under 18 and that means that technically the law could end up becoming an issue. I understand that you are not having sex BUT if you choose to do so, think very carefully about your decisions and where you see this going.

Do you really have that much in common and is it worth the risks of stares and talking from co-workers?

FoxyGuys Get Bored Without Sex

I have always dated guys who were older than me and I have even dated a guy that I worked with. These types of relationships can become more complicated as they progress because often these guys become impatient or bored of the same old thing. You may enjoy fooling around and having fun but how long will that last before the relationship will either have to progress or end?

And, if it ends will work become uncomfortable?

His Future, and Yours

These are just a few of the things that you may want to take into consideration as you continue to ponder the situation and make decisions. You, I assume, are probably finishing or just out of high school. he has probably finished college if he went and is starting to look at what his future may hold.

If I were you I would weigh these circumstances carefully and make some rational lists of the pros and cons. Try and think more long-term than just the here and now. You may come to find that while this is fun, there are better options out there for you.

-- Foxy



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