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Is 17 and 27 too great an age gap for dating?

A Guest Answers:

Dear Young and Confused --

You say that you are a 17 year old girl who is "dating" her 27 year old boss. But you don't explain the situation.

Yes! Read the question more carefully. -- Webmistress Cynth

Are you still in high school?

Is this an after school job?

Cool It

Whatever the case is I think that you need to "cool" the relationship.

The Age Gap Is HUGE

Yeah, the age gap's huge, but he's her boss, which makes power and inequality a problem.

Right now a 10 year age gap is HUGE. You are both at different points in your life and I think at this point in your lives the age difference is a huge factor.

Why not try to back up from the situation? I understand that you have feelings for him and this may be hard, but I think it is the right thing for you do to.

Break It Off Before Sex Becomes an Issue

You're right, older guys get impatient without sex.

Sex is an issue that most likely will come up, and right now your age difference makes it illegal to "consummate" the realtionship. I think it would be better for both you and him to break the relationship before it gets to serious.

Good luck!



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