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Is 17 and 27 too great an age gap for dating?

A Guest Answers:

Dear Young and Confused,

Age Is No Barrier

Reader i disagree because she is still not legal for a man his age to date.

Ten years is no great barrier as far as age goes in a relationship. My parents were 9 plus years apart when they met and married. I also have a co-worker who is 39 and her husband is 56 and they are making a pretty good go of it as far as relationships are these days.

Whom NOT To Date

The question you might want to ask yourself is about emotional readiness for a relationship with a "older" man. especially one who is your boss. One rule of thumb that I always used when single was not to date at two (or more) locations:

  • Where I lived, and
  • Where I worked.

Imagine how much fun it would be to work in the same place or live in the same apartment complex as the guy ( or girl) you might just have had a bad breakup with.

Disadvantages of Dating a Co-Worker

Dating a co-worker is bad enough. Dating the boss creates real power and inequality problems.

Rumors of how "good" or "bad" you are and the like can be quite devastating in the workplace. At work would you be tempted to ask for favors or help getting out of a bad place, just because you are friends with the boss. How about you break up and all of a sudden, your work proformance is just terrible, and your services are no longer needed.

Not all women or men are catty, but I've seen quite a few who are. It can be quite emotionally bad to accidentaly hear what your co-workers have to say about you, especially if the rumors are unfounded, untrue and unjustified.

image Date the Boss

Age is not the issue here; date the boss if you wish, but out in the light of day, most assuredly watch your "six o'clock" direction (your back), because the assaults -- when they come -- almost never come from your "12 o'clock" direction (straight at you).

-- Mr. Survivor


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