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Should I leave my wife for Miss Right?

Hope said:

"You have made a commitment to your wife, no matter what, to keep yourself exclusively for her. There are no exceptions."

A Reader responds:

I disagree with Hope's answer. She has told this man to stay with his wife, even though he is completely obsessed with another woman.

He's Not Fit For Any Commitment

He has decision-making problems and was stupid enough to marry someone with whom he was not in love. He probably is not someone who could successfully concentrate on his marriage and solve his problems, and it sounds like his relationship to his is one he can never live with when he's so preoccupied with this Marla woman.

Get Out Before Having Kids

I think he should get out of that marriage fast, before his wife insists that they have children. From seeing how he dealt with pressure to get married, he'll probably end up starting a family with his wife, still being into Marla, potentially ruining his children's stability and happiness. Before this happens, he should file for divorce.

-- Missy


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