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Should I leave my wife for Miss Right?

Mr. Survivor said:

It is a poor excuse to use other people to justify your desires to end a relationship you might not want to be in any longer.

Reader Rampage responds:

I agree!

What If Marla Is Doing What She Is Told?

John, you made it seem that you marry because you are told to. What if Marla talks, cares, fantisizes of you because others said she should? Let's say she is doing that RIGHT NOW, but gets tired of the facade a little down the proverbial road. Think "Do I apreciate her efforts to please others intead of herself? Think dude. Think!

This is yet another case where someone marries for no reason but to do it. Pathetically so, really. You should never marry until you are prepared to live and die WHOLLY for that person. Become one with them.

Stop Blaming Others

THEN he lies to his wife by saying he only TALKS to her, yet he balls his wife, thinks of Marla, and protests that he doesn't cheat because he hasn't screwed her – YET. What an idiot/coward!!!

You don't get this love thing at all. Get out of it and learn from it. Stop fooling yourself and blaming others. Get a freakin' grip on your emotional state.

Prescription 4 You:

Look squarely in the mirror and say "It's my fault. I will be humbled by this but I am learning."




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