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Should we move in together?


Dear Michael and Shosha,

Consider the Pros and Cons

Moving in together is a huge step! It sounds to me as though your relationship is a strong one but never the less I would recommend that you consider carefully the pros and cons of making this move.

Determine If This Is A Rebound Relationship

First of all, you have not been together for very long and while the relationship sounds like it has been strong and may be likely to withstand the test of time -- you never can tell.

Although you don't believe that it is rebound -- sometimes you don't figure those things out until it's too late -- or at least until later on.

Too Much Information?

Living with someone means learning things about them you never knew -- things you probably never wanted to know. It's those little habits that just don't shine through when you don't spend 24/7 together.

Foxy Big Transitions Can Cause Instability

Mr. Sensitive Moving away from his support system could also make him more insecure or needy, which could hurt the relationship.

You may want to also consider the fact that Michael would be uprooting himself and moving to a new town. Sometimes a move like this can result in resentment if the situation isn't perfect and as a result things could be even less stable.

It is my advice that you weigh these options carefully. I wouldn't recommend moving in together under these circumstances, however since you are considering it, be careful, be honest, and communicate. Those three things are the key to at least establishing a firm foundation for what the next few months will hold.

Good Luck,




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