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How do I get out of this lover's triangle?



This is gonna be straight and to the point:

Lay Off

As hard as this might sound I think that it would be best if you would just lay off for a while.

You Are Causing Her Depression

Dakota She's not all that depressed; she's having her cake and eating it, too.

It seems that you are causing her to be seriously depressed and confused, and ya know what, it is partially your fault.

Gillian He doesn't love her! When you're in love, you shouldn't have to worry about her live-in boyfriend.

Yes, it's your fault, but also Max's fault as well. Out of love for her, you are hurting her very deeply. If you love her as much as you say you do, you would remove yourself from her life for a period of time. She desperately needs time to think about the situation, and with you and Max constantly playing tug of war with her you are making it worse.

You Love Her; So Stop Hurting Her

I know that you can't control Max and his actions, but you can do your part and lay off for a while. If you two keep this up you are gonna do more damage then good for Amber.

Dakota It's Amber who's being selfish. She loves only herself.

Right now you must stop being selfish and consider her feelings in all of this, whether it is convenient for you ! or not. YOU LOVE AMBER!! Do what is right for the girl that you love.



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