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Dear Panel,

Head, Heart, and Soul

I am Jacob, a very loving and feeling person. I get into my relations with head, heart, and soul, and feel that even if a relationship is ending, that ending on a good note is the best way. I'm outgoing and love meeting and interacting with all people from all walks of life.

My Issues

I've been hurt before by a person I had committed my life to and have scabbed over almost to the point of healing, but don't believe the hurt and fear of that hurt has left yet. In my relationship, I need trust and caring more than the average man, and I don't mind showing my emotions. I have made mistakes in that by not wanting to hurt who I'm with by not being completely honest at all times it has ended up hurting them more.

How I Feel About Saibhin

She is strong in mind and the smartest woman I know, but yet at the same time wants to be fragile and needs just as much attention as any other woman. She is slightly demanding but always there from me. She is frank to the point of seeming mean at times and very very sarcastic. Beauty is hers for the taking, and she could be one of those ultra elegant ladies, but chooses to be a down-to-earth woman, which is nice.

Why I Left Saibhin for my Ex-Wife

Saibhin is worried because I broke her heart by trying to get back with my ex-wife. I didn't want to hurt her, but had to get closure, or see if we could work things out.

I Was Single When I Met the Other Woman

Saibhin If it were so innocent, why did you lie at first?

This hurt has stepped into our lives because she found some pictures of me with a girl I met over the summer while I was single – I might add – and a bra and panties she had sent me that she had planned on wearing when we saw each other again.

Mensch I don't buy your story, either.

I had intended to send the pictures and bra and panties back to her.

Because of Saibhin, I knew I would never see nor want to ever see [the other woman] again.

Saibhin That's exactly what I'm worried about. How many women do you have waiting for you?

Saibhin believed I was leaving her in the back wing, so to speak, in case of loss of our relationship or something of that sort.


Mel Judith

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