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What should I do for a first date?

A Guest Answers:

Dear Guest Panelist,

Do you happen to go to Winona State University? I did and I had the same problem.

Avoid the Shallow Women

To some extent, women care if the guy has a car and sometimes even what kind of car it is! But any decent woman will not use that simple fact as a basis for judging a man's date-a-bility. Avoid these shallow women.

Cars Help Dating

However, the simple and obvious fact is that having a car is a major plus when dating.

Girls aren't going to "spread wide open" just because you have a car. We don't care.

When you have one, your options regarding what to do are spread wide open! So what can you do when you don't have one and you live in a college town with little to do?

Movies Are Bad First Dates

First, let me state one thing I've learned: a movie is a BAD idea for a first date. What does that do for your date? You don't interact, you just sit in a dark room and don't even look at each other! The purpose of dates is not merely to have fun (though it can't really be any good if you don't), it's also to figure out whether you think the person could be a potential mate, so you have to get to know them! For a first date, don't trust a car and an exciting activity or good movie to provide the fulfillment.

Focus on the Person, Not the Setting

The criteria for a good first date is simple: you both want a second date! My girlfriend and I recently stayed up late and caught an airing of a blind date show where, obviously, two people are hooked up and we watch them go on blind dates. Both of the dates we saw invovled the people doing rather fun activities – but the dates sucked! More than anything, if you want a successful date, then the source of fulfillment must not be a movie, a car, an amusement park ride, or a good dinner. It has to be the people on the date!

Walk and Talk About Her

You may have limited resources, but you have all that's NECESSARY for a good date: two people. Call on yourself to make it a good date. My college roommate's first date with his girlfriend of now a year and a half was little more than a walk around a nice lake (if you're in Winona, I highly recommend this! Just dress warm!). A walk is a prime opportunity for you to tone your conversational skills. Find out what you want to know about your date and be ready to ask questions! Few women will be uncomfortable having the opportunity to talk about their favorite topic: themselves! And be ready to share yourself.

Double Date with Car-Owning Friends

However, if you feel like that just isn't gonna work, that you'll be too nervous and too ashamed because you couldn't provide a more exciting activity and you're just not Mr. Conversation, well, why not double date with friends who have a car?

Good Luck!
The Unknown Panelist


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