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What are the top 5 college relationship problems?


Dear Hapie35,

I would have to say that there are a lot of things wrong with college relationships, particularly those that begin when living in on-campus housing. It seems to me that the following would be the my top 5 concerns:

1. Starting a Relationship Drunk

GCarl Alcohol is also a problem later in a relationship when you say something you shouldn't.

Things can often tend to begin drunk and on a physical rather than emotional level. Additionally, Guys and girls may be looking for very different things from the outset. She wants Prince Charming and he wants some action or vice versa- she wants some attention and he wants a commitment.

2. Moving Too Fast

If things progress they move too fast physically and often still lack the emotional content that a successful relationship ultimately needs.

3. Casual But Intense

Charlie But this is good – you shouldn't take college relationships too seriously.

Relationships can tend to be very casual. On the other hand relationships can be very intense because of close living quarters which can lead to other pressures as noted above. It seems to be extreme either way with no middle ground

Foxy 4. Neglecting Studies

Relationships can become all-consumng and studying and grades can become neglected.

5. Constant Change

Everyone is going through so many changes and phases that relationships can sometimes suffer the side effects of an unstable situation.




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