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Is he backing off because he isn't getting any?

A Guest Answers:

Dear Anonymous,

You Have Different Values

Forget about him now and save yourself the heartache. You two have different values and ideals, and from the way it sounds, they're not going to mesh.

First off, you sound like a strong young woman, so I don't feel I need to warn you about the dangers of compromising your morals for the sake of a relationship. You know that you just don't do it.

He's Not a Total Creep

Jimmy Wrong. He's an ass. I know a total creep when I see one.

Second off, the guy doesn't sound like a total creep, but he also doesn't sound like the guy for you. He doesn't have to UNDERSTAND why you believe what you believe, but he sure better RESPECT it, and it doesn't sound like that is occurring.

Let Him Handle His Exams Alone

As far as his entrance exams go, two choices, you can play the "walk all over me nice" girl and continue to help him, or, you can do what I would do and choose to value your comfort and security over his need and let him get through it on his own. I'm sure he can handle it. It just doesn't sound like you need the grief, life is far too short.

You Can't Be Friends

Foxy It's not just black & white. They CAN be friends once they make it clear there is no romance or love.

Lastly, I think your best bet would be to make a clean break. Being friends with this fellow is purely out of the question. Friends don't pressure you into sex, or lie about understanding, or pretend to respect what you have to say, all in the name of getting in your pants. You deserve better, in a friend and in a mate.



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