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Should I date my sister's boyfriend?

Saibhin Answers:


I am a little incredulous....hold on....regaining composure...almost, there have what was the question?


Ever hear of the saying that blood is thicker than water? I mean I am really confused about how you feel towards your sister.

Why the Animosity?


I think the animosity was there first. She wants him BECAUSE he is with her sister.

Is this animosity that exists present because your sister is dating the guy you want, or from something earlier on in your lives? Why are you living with her? This is so Jerry Springer....

Stay Away from HIm


I agree. If she dates him now, he'll sleep with her sister later.

My advice is to stay away from him. If he had honest feelings for you, I do not believe he would still be seeing your sister, or having talks of marriage with her.

She Wants Your Blessing


Rather than guessing about her sister's motives, she should TALK to her sister.

I feel your sister is trying to develop a friendly relationship between you and her intended because of that reason. If they're going to be married, she probably wants your blessing. If you gave off the vibes that you didn't like him, he is not the only one who would pick up on it.

Also, take a close look about how you feel about your sister.

You and Your Sister

Do you honestly not like her?

Do you despise her because you feel she receives things which she does not deserve?

Do you feel you deserve something more because you perceive yourself to be superior to her?

Are you unsatisfied with your lot in life?

Have you ever wanted to date your sister's boyfriends before?

Is this just about taking something from her?

What makes you so sure you were meant for Willie?

He Chose Your Sister

Allow me to reiterate: if he felt the same, why is he still with your sister? You say it's because you pushed him away, but no one can MAKE you do anything. Consequently, he made the choice to be with her, NOT YOU.

Saibhin Family Is the Most Important


I agree. Her contempt for her sister is the most troubling part of her question.

On a more personal note, I know in this life there are a very few people that I can count on. That I know will come through for me, time and time again. They're my family.

They may be miles away, but they would be here tomorrow if I needed them. We may argue, we may fight, but deep within runs a bond that can not be recreated outside my family. I cherish this. I would never do anything to endanger it. I would considering taking my sister's boyfriend a threat to that bond. Maybe you should, too.



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