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Dear Panel,

My friends say that I'm too young (18, boyfriend:19) to deal with this problem. They suggest that I leave him or seek therapy with him.

Before having sex, I didn't realize my boyfriend's fantasy, even after he asked me to wear plain white panties and pigtails. When the realization was determined, we did roleplaying, which I eventually discovered that I was uncomfortable with, and told him.

We haven't done that since, but I fear that he still wants little girls, checks out little girls, whatever. I'm afraid that he won't tell me if he still wants to fulfill this fantasy and won't tell me because he knows it will hurt me. I'm also afraid that this desire is ultimately unhealthy for his and our sexual relationship, not to mention any possible further relationships with our children.

Should I seek therapy with the boyfriend I've had for 15 months?

- Sarah

Female, age 18, USA

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