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Should I end the relationship for her sake?


Austin Said:

...perhaps have her take anger management classes with you so that she too can know when you are angry and learn how to deal with such...

Jeannie Answers:

She's Got Issues

I agree that they should deal with their problems as a couple together, but this girl has some issues of her own to deal with!

Verbal Abuse Is as Damaging as Physical Abuse

I commend Insensitive Fool for realizing he has a problem and looking at the best alternatives for both himself and his girlfriend. He needs to get help. He needs to learn why he reacts in anger and mistreats her. Verbal abuse can be just as damaging, just not as obvious, as physical abuse. Any kind of abuse goes straight to self esteem.

A Circle of Abuse

On the other side of this, his girlfriend has some serious issues of her own. Right now, they have a very unhealthy relationship. A circle of abuse: an abuser and a woman with a serious self-esteem problem. The abuser needs to get help, and so does the girl. Until they both break out of the patterns and the cycle, it will continue.

It doesn't mean they can't work on the relationship at the same time, but they may find they are very different people when they've each worked through their problems. They both need to get healthy on their own before they can create a healthy relationship.




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