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Should I end the relationship for her sake?

Michayla Answers:

Hello Insensitive,

As I read this letter, I couldn't help but feel sorry for you and your girlfriend both.

You Obviously Love Her


Love her? Then why is he mistreating her?

It's obvious that you love her or you wouldn't be looking for a way to make her happy and take care of her. Love is one of the most precious things that God has allowed us to experience. It would be sad for you to destroy this love between you and your girlfriend because of the problems you are having.

A Lot To Overcome

My advice is to break up with her for now – break up with her out of love and make sure she knows that. If this really is true love and you believe that she is your soul mate, then I have no doubt that you will do all you can to overcome your problems.

Michayla You Might Get Back Together Later

Love can be defined, but any person in love knows that it goes much deeper than just its definition – and I promise you if you break up with your girlfriend now for her well-being, if it is true love you will both eventually come back together. It is wonderful that you are willing to give up your relationship for your girlfriend.

So yes, I think you should break up with her, but I also know that you will end up back together in God's time, if you are really in love.



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