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Should I end the relationship for her sake?

Shyann Answers:

Dear Insensitive,

Please get help soon.

You're Hurting Her


If he keeps taking things out on his girlfriend, she'll just leave.

You must understand that by taking things out on your girlfriend, you are not only hurting the relationship, but also hurting her self esteem badly. You mentioned she had problems with self-mutilation and anorexia – if you continue this demeaning behavior you could restart some of those habits. Which in turn could hurt her physically.

Keep a Journal of Your Feelings

Start a journal. Make sure that when you feel angry or jealous you take time to write your feelings. Then, let yourself calm down. Read what you wrote, then analyze all of the emotions and where they come from. It might help to show her what you have written. Go from there, write possible solutions.

Let her help you, only if you won't get frustrated with her. If so, Let her write her emotions back to you.

Shyann Take a Break


He shouldn't take a break – he should break up. He's got a lot to overcome.

If you are feeling stressed out, take a break. She should understand if you need to be by yourself for a while. Seeing that you have dealt with problems together before, you should realize that you two have the capability to be there for one another again. Don't be afraid to talk (talk, do not YELL, and definitely no forceful words) about your feelings.

Go to a Group Counselor

Go to a group counselor if you want to work both of your emotions out by talking to each other back and fourth. It's better to talk it out with a counselor present so that misunderstandings and emotions can't turn to hurtful words or worse.



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