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Should I end the relationship for her sake?

Austin said:

If she really loves you and cares about you, then she would be willing to stand by through all of it...

Reader Skuzzie Agrees:

Take Time To Support Another's Problems

I agree. When two people love each other they should take time to be there for one another's problems.

I Tell Her How She Can Make Me Feel Better

One thing I tend to do with my girlfriend to solve things (because I get worried a lot) is to tell her exactly how she can make me feel better if I act a certain way again.

For example, if you tend to get jealous and know that if she hugged and kissed you and said "You are the only one I love" would diffuse your anger, tell her that.

Reader Skuzzie She Had To Make Me Feel Better About Myself


You've got to be kidding me.

I used to have a jealousy problem with my current girlfriend and I did that and now I don't get jealous anymore. She doesn't even have to say that anymore and my jealous feelings are totally gone – all that she had to do is make me feel better about myself and now I don't even feel jealousy any more.

If two people are willing to work things together like me and my girlfriend do you can get through anything and strengthen your relationship – not hurt it. Good luck!


Male, age 23, Massachusetts, USA



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