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live together?

Dear Panel,

I've been with this girl for over a year. So far, we seem to be quite compatible, and we've talked about marriage. From what I read, the most common cause for conflict and divorce
involves sexual incompatibility.

We Should Live & Sleep Together

So I think it may be a good idea to move in together so we can get some experience of married life before we're actually married. I'm worried not only about sexuality problems but also problems of everyday life that may never come up in normal courtship.

She Wants to Stay A Virgin

She doesn't share this view with me and wants to keep her
virginity until our marriage. I don't want to break up just because of this, but I'm scared of commitment after having
witnessed so many failures.

Do you think that it is possible to predict (at least partially) the problems without "hands-on" experience? If yes, then how? What signs should I be looking for?

Assessing Compatibility

Male, age 26, France

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