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Should we have a threesome?

Dear Panel,

I am a 25-year-old man, a professional, and currently in a 1 year relationship with a woman. I have a fairly eventful sexual background, a girlfriend who enjoyed threesomes, and bisexuality, and I have no problem saying what I like and dislike about virtually anything. I am extremely honest, and tell the truth whenever it is asked of me.

She is 22, a professional, good looking, a little insecure. She is constantly bothered that I will find her boring, or less interesting than my ex-girlfriends.

My girlfriend is not interested in being sexual with another woman, but wants to have a threesome with another girl, so I will enjoy it. I told her that the only way I will enjoy it, is if she is enjoying herself.

My girlfriend was very sexually inhibited at the start of our relationship, mainly due to past experiences. I helped her achieve her first orgasm, showed her that it's OK for girls to watch porn, showed her how to masturbate, etc.

Should we have a threesome, though her only reason is to do it so I will get off?

– Anon

Male, age 25, USA

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