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Charlie said:

On the other hand, if this is something that you both want to do for you as a gift or something, and the third person knows what she's doing (you're not forcing it on her or anything) then why not?

A Reader Responds:

We Try To Please Men

I disagree because, as Anon says, she is insecure. Well, I am too and I "agree" to things that are NOT me and against who I am, simply to please him.

What happens to her own self image if this relationship doesn't last. Will she hate herself for "agreeing"? Will she forever have memories she will wish she did not have? Might it wreck any future relationships she might have?

We Suffer With The Consequences Later

Men can be so stupid sometimes! Women, especially those who were taught to be submissive, do NOT protect themselves emotionally, spiritually or physically, very well.

Just because we "agree" doesn't mean we don't hate ourselves afterwards--even if we never tell you.

Know What It Is Like

Female, age 40, New York



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