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Dear Anon,

If you value your relationship with this woman do not pursue a threesome
with her, especially if she has no interest in sexual relations with other women.

Drop It


But she said she was willing to do it.

If she is certain that she doesn't want to be sexual with another woman then you should respect that and encourage her to drop the debate.

Reassure Her

Given that your girlfriend came into this relationship with some sexual inhibitions, and you say she is still a little insecure, the best thing you can do for her is assure her that you are interested in her and only her.

A Threesome Would Damage Her Confidence

Engaging in a threesome when she is not completely interested in it will only further damage her self-esteem and sexual confidence.

Make Sure You Can Be Happy Without Threesomes

Ask yourself if you are willing to be in this relationship without the chance of a threesome. If the answer is yes, then let your girlfriend know that. Help build her confidence by reassuring her that you are not comparing her to your past girlfriends.


Another option would be to just fantasize together.

If your girlfriend eventually becomes more comfortable with her own sexuality, and is more secure with herself, she may continue to pursue the idea of a threesome, maybe then you can reconsider. Until then, let her know that you are happy with her and her alone.

Good luck!


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