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Dear SWD,

Find Out Why They Don't Want You To Have Sex


Yes. Talk is good. She should find out their beliefs.

Talk with your parents. If Steve is your first boyfriend, maybe they think that you should be exploring other options (going out with different guys) before having sex.

Next time make sure that you dispose of your " condom wrapper" properly. Your parents might not like Steve now because they might think that he is a bad influence on you, especially if they don't believe in premarital sex.

I don't think that is not that they don't like him, it is probably just that don't approve of what you guys did.

Explain What You Want, And Why

Sit down with them and explain that you have no intentions of breaking up with Steve. Also give them some reasons why you did it, like how you love him and things like that.

Remind Them That You Were Responsible


She wasn't responsible. She should be on the pill AND use a condom.

Also mention the fact how you were responsible when you used a condom, and make sure to say thank you about how they are so concerned, and how you are grateful that they brought you up so well.


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