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Dear Faye,

Only You Can Know The Answer

Ultimately, the answer to whether or not you still love your boyfriend can not come from anyone except you. It sounds as if you are at least partially unsatisfied with one aspect of your relationship because you're questioning whether or not you wish to stay involved.

In a perfect world, we would stay perfectly happy in our relationships and never question them- but that, as you are painfully aware- is not the case.

You May Be Wanting To Date Other Guys


Right. She's never had a chance to date.

On one hand, you could just be staying in this relationship because it's what you know. Have you dated many other guys? Your feelings for Clark may be caused simply because you feel, in some part of your heart, that you need to see other guys before you decide your boyfriend is the one you truly want to be with.

Date Other People

If you start noticing increased feelings for Clark, or start noticing a pattern with your feeling gravitating away from your significant other, then you might want to decide to date other people.

Diva It Could Be A Passing Crush

On the other hand, you could just be experiencing pangs of your relationship shifting from being new and exciting to having grown older. Is there still passion? If you can say in your heart that yes, there is passion, and that MOST of the time you do want to be with the guy you've been seeing- then it is possible that you could just have a relatively harmless crush on Clark.

If you start experiencing more than something harmless however, you might want to interpret its meaning. Oftentimes however, women develop harmless crushes on men- only to realize it's because those men remind them of their boyfriends!

Try Out A Friendship With Clark


Bad idea. She SHOULDN'T call Clark.

As for you and Clark, go ahead and try a friendship out. You might discover that he does remind you of your boyfriend. But If there's something more there, you might want to reconsider your current situation.


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