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Is my fiancee sleeping with our roommate?

Dear Panel,

Am I just being dumb?

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Dear Panel,

I live with my fiancee and one of my friends from high school. I have just graduated from high school and now I am almost done with my first year of college. My roommates are also in school.

The other main person in this story is my boyfriend. He is a very nice guy, we get along great we are totally happy.

I Was Suspicious Before

He has done some stuff in the past that has made me mad like one time I was suppose to pick him up from the bar but he wasn't there. Five minutes later he showed up in his truck. He said he gave his ex-girlfriend a ride home because she was too drunk to drive. His ex-girlfriend is still in love with him and would do anything to get together with him. He says they did not do anything.

She Is Prettier Than Me

The other person in this story is my roommate Rachel. She is very nice and we have been good friends for quite some time. But she has a big problem. She is a huge flirt, and she and my fiancee flirt constantly. She is very pretty, even prettier than I am. She has long blond hair with big blue eyes and big boobs with a tiny waist and little legs. She is just perfect.

It all started when we moved into our apartment. I started noticing different things, like how her and my fiancee were flirting and picking on each other and just kind of play fighting.

They Are Alone Every Weekend

Then I had to go home every weekend to work so they were alone every weekend. When I would come back they would be flirting even worse and he started slapping her butt all the time.

So I started to think he was cheating on me. I asked him and he got very upset and told Rachel that I thought he was cheating on me with her. They both say they are not, but I can't help but feel that they are.

Do you think he is cheating on me or am I just being dumb?

-- Holly

Female, age 19, USA

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