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Dear Joanie,

When I first read your question, my instinct was to say this is not a problem. But as I read your question a few more times I realized that you are a person of intense beliefs. Your views on political and social issues are very important to you and have a big impact on how you live your life.

These Views Will Affect All Aspects of Your Life

I think this is a valid question. Your views will impact many aspects of your life with your partner. For example, what charities you give to, if you spend time volunteering, what activities you take part in, who you work for, and probably who your friends are.

You Don't Respect His Views


I disagree. I think she respects him a great deal.

You say that you disagree intensely and argue about these subjects. To me, this is a warning sign. I feel that you have not accepted him and his beliefs, and you definitely don't seem to respect his opinions.

CloveYou Won't Have A Bond, Or Be Supported


That's what she has to decide. What is she willing to tolerate?

If you truly believe his ideas and views are wrong, why would you want to commit your life to that person, or raise children with him? How will you deal with the lack of support for your political and social views? You won't be able to form a solid bond and your family won't stand united for anything.

In my opinion, because you are a very passionate person, you could keep seeing your boyfriend, but also keep dating other people.

You're young and have plenty of time to find a partner who shares your views and who will support and respect you.

Best of Luck,

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