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We disagree on political issues


Dear Joanie,

If this is your biggest problem - YOU ARE LUCKY!

Stop Worrying About The Future

Are you even ready to marry this man? If not - why even stress yourself out with the future?

Enjoy right now. You are beginning to only see the problems in the relationship even before the engagement.

Most Girls Would Kill for This

You said so yourself - He treats you like a queen. Do you know how many girls would kill to have that? And your problem is that you don't agree about politics & religion...SO WHAT?!?

Life is too short to worry about trivial things.

It is very rare that you find someone who will think exactly like you do - is that what you're looking for? So you disagree - is that the real issue here? Maybe you should figure out if that there is more to what you're letting on.

Just Relax

The best advice - RELAX...look at the arguments as fun, challenging debates which stimulate the mind. Don't let the differences be the source of the fights - let it be the excitement in the relationship. And I find that nothing is more erotic than a passionate conversation.

Hope I've Helped,



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