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Dear Ralph,

Knowing that she wants to focus on her career and herself, why do you allow yourself to talk with her on the phone everyday and let your feelings for her grow?

Stop Hanging On To Her

Don't hang on to something that is no longer there. She is not talking about commitment, so don't wait for it. Just live each day as it goes. You cannot just force your feelings for one girl to be transferred to another girl in just a few weeks.


But she wants to keep dating. He SHOULD keep seeing her.

It may take you weeks, months, years or even half of your lifetime, but talking with her on the phone will only make things harder for you to leave her.

Move on, always remember that when one door closes a new one opens. 

Believe In Destiny

Call me romantic, but somehow it's nice to believe that there are some people who are destined to just cross our paths for a moment. Moments that teaches us to value the every moment that will be stored as memories.  But there will be ones who are destined to walk with us along the way to forever.

Go out and have fun. Date other girls but be sure to see them for what they really are not compared to your previous girlfriend. Do not focus on someone just to compare what you can't have. 


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