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Dear Danice,

If he is twenty years older than you then he is not a good Christian in my opinion. He should of known better then moving a way with a minor.

Your Parents Are Right

I agree with your friends and your parents. He may not be as bad as they say he is, but he definitely isn't for you.

You need to get drug counseling and stay off of those drugs. You sound like a smart girl and I think you can definitely do it. With your will power and the help of friends, family, and God, I think you can do it.

There are two major things I see wrong with this guy other than being stupid.

He's Too OLD


It's not a problem with HIS age. She's too young to commit.

First, he is too old. A thirty seven-year-old and a seventeen year old just should not be together. If I was your Dad I would of killed him already. The head injury may be the only thing saving your boyfriend's life. And with all the drugs he is doing he is going to age tremendously.

So when you are off of all the drugs and doing well (and you will) and you are 24, he will look like about 55. Move on sister.

He's A Crack Head


But Jimmy, he's in recovery and he's been a great friend to her.

My second problem, he is a crack head. Too much crack, meth, and whatever else he does. If he starts back with the
drugs, he is only going to take you with him.

You need to start your life over with someone clean. It will be hard enough staying clean without the help of peer pressure.

So good luck and write back to us when you are doing great!



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