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Dear Danice,

I am sorry to tell you, from the experience of my 51 years of life as a regular kid, pretty wild teenager, young married woman, wife and mother, 30 of which have been with the same wonderful man, that even with IDEAL circumstances, relationships are difficult to maintain and nurture, and lives are EXTREMELY difficult to keep on track. 

With your history, and his, life pressures which are SURE to occur on the roads you travel, will be far too stressful to ANY relationship, not to mention one with two people with as troubled a history as you both.

You're Too Young To Commit


It's not that she's too young, it's that HE'S too OLD!

You are far too young to even consider a lifetime commitment at this point in time - you need to go to college, and/or find something you love to do, and pursue it. AND, you need to work on your self-esteem and yourself so that you come to a calm and tranquil place where you love yourself and nurture yourself and others.

You are a BABY, bubala, and babies can't commit to adult relationships. I'm sorry, dear. You may resent that characterization, but when you have the perspective of time (even 5 years from now), you will see that I am right.

And even were you world-wise at this young age, you have miles to go to understand yourself and come to terms with yourself, your life, your past and your future, before you will be ready for a healthy, long-lasting relationship. 

Get Emotionally Stable

YOU must be emotionally and mentally in a place where you can deal with the problems which occur in everyday life with STABILITY and composure, to withstand the ADDICTIVE urges to which you are inclined.

Some of us have to fight harder than others to maintain equilibrium (balance) - but we all do. For you it will be harder, and it would be best to CENTER YOURSELF and balance your own life before you move into the complications of any deep relationship.

Lots of MAZEL (luck) and best wishes on your journey!



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