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Dear Punky,

You are obsessed with this fella but it is not love.

You first have to learn to respect and love yourself before you can have a healthy relationship with another. You are looking for acceptance and self-love in the eyes (and bed) of another. It is something that many young woman do, and I did the same thing when I was your age.

Honor Your Body

I wish I knew then what I know now! Your body is to be honored. You do not lure guys to care about you simply because you go to bed with them or have some some of sexual encounter. In fact, most guys tend to be drawn to woman who are not that easy to get close to sexually.

I know it sounds weird, but...'tis the way of the world. It has always been that way.

Take Care Of Yourself

You are still lusting after this guy and want him to care for you, but you truly need to learn how to start taking care of and caring for yourself. You can do this by talking to a school counselor or someone at your church, if you go to one, for guidance.

Tell the truth. Tell them what you are feeling just as you wrote about it here. They will help guide you in a way that is hard to do on your own at your age.

Learn to honor and take care of yourself first. That takes time and talk. Have patience. You will look back at all of this confusion and heartache one day with a smile because you will know who you are and how to care about yourself first.


She also has to learn to honor others. She treats guys like meat.

Once you know yourself and care and honor yourself you can reach out and care for others with a depth that is unthinkable now.

Trust me on this one! I lived and learned the same lesson too many times. Learn yours early and save yourself some heartache.

Please keep us posted, okay? You sound like a great gal.


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