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OK, here goes...

My Weird Relationships

I'm 21 years old, and have had a string of really weird relationships.

My first serious girlfriend, coincidentally the girl I lost "it" to, was the casebook wacko, complete with the whole "you've got issues" speech. You know the type, more cracked than a plumber's convention. I should have realized it though, but sex is a powerful weapon, no?

My second relationship, if you can call it that, was strictly a physical one, with my neighbor no less. Later did I hear the infamous "don't sleep with your neighbor" rule. As always, a day late and a dollar short.

The third serious girl was probably the most successful encounter and the one I look back on with the least amount of pain. I met her at work (I know, I know – a major no no) and I actually talked my way into her...uh...and we started dating, and that lasted about a month. She was cool, and really cute, too – that doesn't hurt, but her understanding of my apprehensions regarding relationships in general (that was due to girl #1, who screwed me up so bad, but that's another story..)

But I ended up falling in love, or so I thought with another girl who happened to be one of my best friend's, and it goes on and on.

Currently, I'm a little confused as to the definition of my girl status. I met this girl over the (gulp) Internet again – taboo, I know – and I met her in person and solidified my feelings for her, but its been two weeks since we've talked.

Relationships Are the Goal

Relationships are the goal we all hope to achieve and keep striving for, even after we find the perfect match and get married. Two of my close friends have been on the outs lately, and it tears me up to see them squander something I would give anything for. To find not only the right person, but love and all that good stuff that goes with it (you know, trust, compassion, happiness – what were YOU thinking???) even when two people are settled things should still be new, or at least surprising, not like finding out your boyfriend has a girl on the side, but finding new things to do or say to get that one smile.

Find Someone You'll Stay in Bed For

This may sound a little shallow, but a theory I have on relationships is finding out the reason you stay in bed with someone, even when your favorite show is on or the phone is ringing. What I mean is (me at least, I can't speak for everyone here) after sex, I never want to stay in bed with the woman. The idea of cuddling afterwards is a beautiful thing, don't get me wrong, its just I can't do it. Never can. And I've tried, too, it's just I think I haven't met that girl, the one who makes me want to lay there and smell her hair, or listen to her breathe as she sleeps, but I know she's out there, somewhere, hoping for that guy – she has to be – everyone has their match, its just sometimes we turn left instead of right and miss them by a step.

I'm a different person, so my views are automatically different, but that's not necessarily true, I may have had very similar experiences as a lot of the panelists. But my views on the said matters are going to be different, even though I have had an eclectic history of "torrid romance" I still have a very positive and hopeful outlook on relationships. Also, my age may provide varied perspectives on different situations.


Male, age 20, USA



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