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My name is Sabrina and I am 22 years old. I have a beautiful 5 year old son.

I work as a sales assistant for a home builder. I currently live with my son's father, my son, and a roommmate.

I am an outgoing person who looks at all sides of things. I always try to give a positive outlook on things and always have my head up high.

My Philosophy

Not every relationship was meant to be. Some of them are in it for convience and others are in it because they truly found the one they love. Every relationship is different.

Onto my life story: [also see update below]

I started going with my son's father when I was 15. I was still in high school, but I ended up dropping out (not because of him, something else came up, read on). We started off having a real rocky relationship and it has been till I ended it. My mom left me when I was 15 and I shortly started going out with John (fake name). I used to be around John all the time, I never wanted to leave his side. I used to wait for him at his house till he got off of work. I guess that you can say that I kind of stalked him, but I guess it was because I was afraid of losing him like I did my mom.

John ended up moving in with me and my dad after I turned 16. I later got pregnant too. Our relationship ended up turning towards physical violence towards each other. John ended up moving up north before things could get any worse than they already were. I don't think that him hitting me is right, but the way I controlled him wasn't right by me either.

John made it down for the birth of our son, but he soon had to leave to go back up north. After a couple of months, he ended up moving back in with us. We tried to start over, but it never worked. We kept on arguing with each other and if the argument got too heated, he would end up hitting me all over again.

This went on for a couple of years. We ended up getting a house together, thinking that might solve our problems, but shortly after we moved in, I decided to break it off with him.

I felt that enough was enough and I wasn't going to take this anymore. He couldn't move out because I didn't make enough money to afford the house by myself.

Later on, we ended up getting a roommate because we couldn't afford the house together like we thought we could. He still lives there and asks me to take him back, but I dont think that its going to work. I refuse to put myself in that situation again. We sleep in seperate rooms and rarely see each other. He works two jobs and I try not to be there when he is. This is a hard living situation for both of us, but it works.

Update: February 2001

This is an update on my bio. Since then, I have moved out of my home and now I currently live with my father and my son. My son's father couldn't take living with us and watching me go on with my life, so he moved out. He kept
paying half the rent for me, so that I could keep living there. My roommate ended up moving out to, I had ask him to contribute more since there was only us two now to split bills. I guess he didn't like that and moved elsewhere.

I couldn't afford to pay half of the rent and all the other bills that I had, and my son's father couldn't afford to pay the whole rent for me. So, I moved into my father's house. I make sure that my son spends enough time with his
dad to make this less harder on him than it already is.

I have been seeing this guy for the last six months. I really enjoy his company and I care for him a lot. I am skeptical due to my past with my son's father, but I try not to compare him with my son's father. He is a great guy and very understanding. I couldn't have asked for a better guy, but I watch where I step. That's where I stand as of now. This has been a interesting year for me, I wonder if 2001 will hold the same. Only time will tell.

This is for anyone who is in a domestic violence relationship: its hard to get out of the relationship, but if you can try. There are local agencies who will help you get out of those situations. Good luck to all.



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