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A note before you read…..this caricature is a bit off, my breasts are really not bigger than my head…..

Why Are You Reading This?

Hi! If you find yourself reading this, you are either extraordinarily pissed off at something I said, or incredibly enlightened by my heartwarming wisdom. If you are the former, look up the word “opinion” in your local dictionary and take something from it. If you are the latter, welcome friend !! Just kidding, all are welcome…..

Going Through Many Life Changes

Okay, about me. I am 25, in a very boring job that pays well, (how’s that for a conflict of interest?), live in a state that I can barely tolerate, (no, don’t say it…I know it rhymed), and going through so many life changes it’s a wonder I can remember my own name.


Read about my experience as a child abuse survivor.

I’m a veteran of the United States Navy and a divorcée. I am also a survivor of child abuse.

I’ve been in serious relationships, in casual encounters, been attracted to and pursued members of my own sex. Despite all that, I am here with my psyche relatively intact.

Take Action or Stop Complaining

I give advice based on this one simple question:

What are you going to do about it?

My theory: if you aren’t planning on taking action, then stop complaining, it doesn’t get you anything but a headache. (Don’t ask me how long it took me to figure that one out for myself)

Saibhin Update to the Both Sides Question I Asked

I found Love and Learn when I was looking for a little of my own advice with my boyfriend Jacob. An interesting situation to say the least. If anyone wants an update on that, Jacob was a bit angry about the advice received, (especially Mensch’s), basically because he was getting a dose of reality. That’s not a pill easily swallowed.

We’ve had some serious heart to heart since then, and things are a lot smoother. We’ll have been “together” two years and ten months come October, and will have lived with one another for a year. We’re moving to my home state of Washington in December.

That’s it for me, with any luck my time on this panel and on this world will serve to maybe assist a few people, and when it all comes down to it, you can’t ask for more than that.


Saibhin is pronounced "saevee'yen", if that makes any sense whatsoever to you – kind of like "c'est la vie", only not.











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