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I am 19-years-old and a sophomore in college. I still live at home and have a high school age sister and both parents still together in the household.

I Have A Boyfriend

I had a few relationships throughout high school, none of which I'm too proud of except for my latest and greatest one which has been lasting for a year and a half and counting.

Lots of the guys I've dated have been jerks, I used to always be in search of love and marriage and all that, so I ended up getting hurt.

Then once I decided to stop searching, the summer before my senior year of high school, I found the guy I am still with today. We are very happy. He is still in high school, we are 2 years apart.

We have weird families and that just makes life more interesting.

I'm Christian

I am a Christian, and attend church regularly, BUT am not perfect and do not behave perfectly all the time. No one can pull that off!

My Philosophy

My philosophy is, "it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." Of course another one I like is "JUST HAVE FUN!"

I think when you're young, the point should be to have fun. If you happen to meet someone that is wonderful and you want to become serious, make sure you both want it and go for it. Just beware that someday you may regret things you have done, so watch what you do.





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