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Desperately in love in San Diego asks:

I am a very shy person who is in love with her boss.  I have been woking with him for awhile now and my job does not seem to be getting any easier. HE DRIVES ME CRAZY!  yellbut.gifCrazy is good, but I am not able to concentrate at work when he is around.  He has no idea how I feel.  Please help!  What should I do?

Mr Sensitive Illuminates:

Hey, what are you clicking on me for?  I'm just the host.

Go back and pick a panelist whose answer you would like to read.

Of course, if you really want my opinion:


I was surprised that  Alicia and Mare talked about the possibility that the boss is married.  Come on guys, I don't see anything here to suggest that the boss is married. 

Get a clue, Mr. "Naive"

maretin.gifDon't you think that Desperately would know if her boss is married?  What does it say that both of you read the possibility of "married" into this question?

Lefty , not everyone works in the same kind of environment as you. There are many work environments where dating a co-worker is a CLM (career limiting move), and dating a boss even less acceptable.  But there are also work situations in which dating a co-worker, or even a boss, is accepted.

Of course all of you talked about the relationship not working out, and the negative impact that that would have on the job.  Only Mare considered the possibility that the relationship might be more important than the job.

You make a good point, Mare.  I have had many relationships in my life, and most of them are only vague memories now.  But I have also had many jobs in my life, and most of them are also vague memories now. How do we figure out which has the most potential in our lives: our current job, or our current relationship.

Hope, I would like to believe that if this relationship is right, they will meet again. But God and movies aside, I wouldn't count on it.

That's my opinion, what's yours?

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