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 Mr. Sensitive?
Mr. Sensitive

I am Mr. Sensitive.  Of course that's not my real name, its just what my wife calls me.  My real name is Post-Sensitive Man.

I accepted this job as host of Love & Learn because I believe that what the world needs now is an honest interchange of ideas about relationships. I believe that most of what we learn, we learn from failures. By sharing our failures, both panelists and readers, we can all learn more about what it takes to be in a successful relationship.

In real life I am a college professor. I have been married for a decade, and we have the most wonderful 8-year-old in the world.

Before getting married, I was single for 40 years, and I made the most of it.  I enjoyed being single.  If it weren't for the fear of never meeting the right person and thus getting old alone, it would have been perfect.  If only I had known then how everything would turn out, I could have REALLY enjoyed it.

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