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 Can I be a panelist?

Sorry! At this time, Love & Learn is not recruiting new panelists.

We are working on reformatting the site to make it easier to use and better than ever. We are not answering new questions at this time.

However, when we re-open we will probably need new panelists. If you wish to be considered at that time, please fill out the application form below. Thank you!

To be a Love & Learn panelist you must:

  • be articulate;
  • be a good writer;
  • have opinions;
  • have been in at least one relationship;
  • have failed in at least one relationship;
  • have learned from at least one relationship;
  • have been successful in at least one relationship;
  • be human.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your relationships:
What is your philosophy of relationships:
How is your point of view different from any of the other panelists?

Your real name:
(first & last; this will be kept confidential)


Panelist Name:
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We now avoid multi-word names. The best nicknames are the ones that sound like they could be real names.

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What part of the world do you live in?

Where did you first hear about Love & Learn?

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Love & Learn reserves the right to choose panelists.

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