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 Is this for real?

A lot of people ask me how real this site is.  Many have accused me of playing the part of each of the panelists.

I wish that I were creative enough to play such a wide range of characters.

The Panelists: are all real people. Their biographies are true. The points of view that they express are their own and they are sincere. The caricatures are my interpretation of their physical appearance. Only their names have been changed to protect their professional reputations.

The Questions: To the best of our knowledge, all of the questions are sent in by readers like you. Because we allow questions to be sent in anonymously, there is no way that we can confirm this.

cynth Actually, answers are edited for spelling, clarity, and grammar. We also add subtitles for scan-ability, and cross-links for usability. – webmistress cynth

The Answers: are not edited or censored. They represent the Panelists' actual feelings on any subject.



Intent: This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. The advice on this site is not intended to replace therapy or any other professional help.  Do NOT base any life decisions on the advice of a panelist.  The advice is intended only to give you something to think about.

Questions: Due to volume It may not be possible for the panel to answer all questions.

Love & Learn reserves the right to not publish any question or comment.  We will not publish any question or comment that is deemed inappropriate for this site or is redundant.

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