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Shyann's Bio:

I'm 17 years of age. I'm hyper and I'm loud. I tell people what I think is right. I like guys who are a little bit crazy and aren't afraid to act completely insane in a public place.

My Past Relationships

I've been in 2 real relationships. I was engaged once but I was cheated on. I got over it after a while and now I have a huge crush on a friend of mine. I love talking to people and helping others as much as possible.

My Philosphy

I think that if you meet someone and you start feeling emotional towards them you should go ahead and let it out. You should never wait until you are too afraid to tell them how you feel. Sometimes if you wait too long you will get hurt even more. You should always talk to anyone that you feel close to. Sometimes they are too afraid to talk to you too.

My Point of View

Simple ... I'm a lunatic, but I will always be reasonable and try not to disappoint or hurt anyone's feelings, unless they are really dumb or clueless and need a reality check...



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