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My Past Relationships

I fell in love for the first time in the 8th grade with a guy who's still my best friend. Most of my past romantic relationships ended on good terms with me feeling like I could still call that person months or years later if I really needed something and he'd still be there for me. In fact, a few of them still ask around about me.

I Didn't Sleep With All My Dates

I've had some pretty good relationships but I attribute that to the fact that I didn't sleep with everyone I dated. True, I wasn't on the field long enough to have had a lot of sexual encounters (I got married at 21), but I dated several guys for months at a time and never slept with them because I just didn't feel like we were on the same page with the relationship.

Men and Women Use Sex Differently

Many times, men and women truly are on different pages as it pertains to sex. It's a variable that needs to be understood long before throwing it into the already complicated equation of love. A lot of us "good-girls-turned-independent-woman" still won't say it, but we still use sex for love the way men use love for sex. Even in the year 2000, we're still playing cat and mouse. On the surface, sex is a pleasurable act. But on the real, there's a whole lot more going on when two people decide to take it there! Can I get a witness?

Don't Be a Victim

My pet peeve about relationships is people who are total victims. Yes, you can be sad for a little while. Go rent a sad movie, pig out and have yourself a good cry. But get up the next morning, work out, wipe your tears, seek advice or help, figure out what the heck you did wrong, learn from it, make a decision about the relationship and move on with things already.

Seeing Clearly

STILL we are human and it is almost impossible to see clearly when one is in love. That's why this panel is so important. I ain't in love with your man / woman and I will break it down for you the way I see it. Okay? Okay.




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